Have your own Cloud!

Purchase a vCloud Suite and add resources to create as many VM's as you want. All users start by purchasing a vCloud Suite. Then add the resources you want.

vCloud Suite

  • New customers start here!

  • User managed firewall with unlimited VPN Tunnels and VPN Clients

  • Private vLAN with 249 available IPs

  • Unlimited INCOMING Bandwidth

  • 125 Gb OUTBOUND Bandwidth

  • Overage charged at $0.05/Gb

Additional vLAN

  • Additional User Managed Firewall with Unlimited VPN Tunnels and Clients

  • One Public IP attached to firewall

  • Private network vLAN with 249 available IPs

  • Requires existing vCloud Suite

Additional 100 Gb OUTBOUND Bandwidth Per Month

  • An additional 100 GB OUTBOUT Bandwidth Per Month

  • INCOMING Bandwidth is UNLIMITED and Free

  • Available across all of your vLANs

  • Requires existing vCloud Suite

100 Gb R.A.I.N. Storage

  • 100 Gb of high speed R.A.I.N. storage.

  • Use across all vLANs

  • Use for VM Hard Disks, Template Storage, Snapshot Storage

  • Not applicable for CloudProtect Servers, they use their own storage in blocks of 250 Gb

  • Requires existing vCloud Suite

1 vCPU

  • 1 Virtual CPU/Processor

  • IOPS are not tied to the vCPU, they applied to your overall account and can be used on any virtual HD on any VM.

  • Requires existing vCloud Suite

  • Includes 330 IOPs
  • IOPS for the disks are apportioned by vCPU
1 Gb of RAM

  • 1 Gb RAM available for use on any VM in any vLAN

  • Includes Windows 2008R2 or Windows 2012R2 licensing

  • Webuzo users will be credited $1.00/Gb used for a Webuzo VPS at the end of the month

  • Linux users will be credit with $1.00/Gb used for a Linux VM at the end of the month

  • Requires existing vCloud Suite

  • CloudSales@softwareguru.cloud>Sales to arrange credit upfront.
  • For quarterly or longer period users, contact
Additional Public IP

1 additional public IP address